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Fort Worth - Dallas Landscape Design/Landscape Architects
LandPatterns is a Fort Worth – Dallas landscape architectural firm with over 30 years of experience designing, installing and maintaining residential and commercial landscapes. Our design philosophy is founded on what we termed a SMART landscape:
S – SUSTAINABLE – A smart landscape sustains the natural and built environment and allows it to appreciate in value as it matures and grows without the need for constant or costly attention.
M – MANAGEABLE – A smart landscape is sensitive to the needs of the client and the attributes of the site and seeks to manage those needs to effective and appreciable manner.
A – ARTISTIC – A smart landscape embraces the unique character of the client and the site and creatively crafts a solution that is a reflection of their uniqueness.
R – RESOURCEFUL – A smart landscape is created by thinking outside the box and capitalizes on indigenous materials and local artisans.
T – TIMELY – A smart landscape is a timely response to our clients needs and changing environmental conditions and providing solutions that are relevant for what is happening now as well as anticipating what can happen in the future.
SMART landscapes are carefully crafted environments that embrace beauty, allow form to follow function and reconnect with nature. Mother Nature has had millennia to design her landscapes. We, however, have but a short time. Patience, attention to detail, a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and desires and knowledge of natural processes allows us to creatively blend these elements into a SMART landscape. After all, life is too short not to do it right the first time and keep on doing it right.”– Marc Funderburk
Our registered and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accredited landscape architects design with the philosophy that everyone deserves good design, no matter how large or small the project. Each landscape design is crafted according to the individual needs of each client, using three decades of artistic practice and sound judgment.
Contact the landscape architects at LandPatterns to schedule a consultation at 214.219.3993 or email us at info@landpatterns.com.
For a lot of North Texas homeowners, weeds are a perpetual affront to the ascetic of their lawn and by extension their home. Lush, thick and greed turf is an area of pride, and for some, it can become an obsession.
If you enjoy growing landscapes and roses in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, beware of a disease that has been prominent in the area for the past 2 years: Rose Rosette Disease.
For Texas homeowners, the main landscape battle is fought during the summer months when the temperatures reach an outrageous high. They focus on proper irrigation methods, weeds, and certain lawn diseases that thrive during the summer, but what happens when the winter months come around?
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