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Residential Landscaping / Residential Landscape Architecture

Residential landscape architecture provides more than just a beautiful backdrop for outside entertaining or a respite from everyday stress; it actually increases the value of your home.  Whether you are interested in front yard landscaping for curb appeal or generating backyard landscaping ideas, LandPatterns offers the right solution for your lifestyle and budget.   We pride ourselves on catering to the individual needs of each of our clients, employing sustainable landscape architecture practices and developing landscapes as unique as our clients themselves.

Our residential landscape architecture design, installation, consultation and maintenance services include:
Traditional Landscape Architecture Design - This residential landscaping process begins with an on-site consultation with one of our landscape architects to discuss your needs, uses and vision for your outdoor space.   Based on this meeting we will send you a proposal that includes a selection of the following steps:
  • Program Development: An overview of proposed services for front yard landscaping, back yard landscaping ideas, or both, with an accompanying timeline for production. 
  • Site Inventory and Analysis:  Our landscape architects will survey the property, take measurements, shoot grades, and note all permanent fixtures in the landscape that may impact the landscape development.  
  • Preliminary Design Study: We will develop a series of residential landscaping studies to include all necessary plans, details and sections.  We will include a 3-D presentation to convey the design character.  These drawings will be presented to the homeowner for review, discussion and approval.
  • Final Design Study: Our landscape architects will prepare a final residential landscaping master plan, along with details, specifications, and a plant and materials list with quantities.  Final deliverables include a PDF file and (2) 24" x 36" plans (if desired).
  • Construction Proposal: We include a separate proposal for construction, including plant and material cost as the final step in the traditional landscape architecture design process. 
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