Be Prepared: Fall is the Time to Plant

Fall is an important for plants because of the change in season allows for plants to prosper in comparison to spring. The change in temperature allows for plans to begin their journey to become a new addition to your landscape.

During the fall, there are four (4) things to consider when you are considering plants to add to your landscape:

The Good

  1. Soil preparation: With the cooler temperatures during the fall, the soil remains warm from the summer heat. This aids roots in their development. With different types of soil in the area, there are different methods to prepare the soil for your flower bed. For those methods, click here.
  2. Root structure of purchased plants: With a healthy root structure, the development of the plants can continue through their development phase.
  3. Dormancy: The phase which allows a root system to develop. With a strong root structure and dormancy period, a strong development phase is likely and the root structure of your plant can stabilize.
  4. Watering plan: Upon the plants being added to your landscape you must add water to the newly added plants. Water for the first two (2) weeks following installation. Depending on where you live determines how often you can water your landscape.

The Bad

While there are four factors that are beneficial to the health and overall growth of the plant, if mishandled these factors can also lead to the plant struggling to survive in your landscape.

  1. Soil Preperation: Preparing to install plants in soil which you have not prepared properly can lead to issues in the planting phase. With planting into soil that is too warm, root structures cannot stabilize correctly. With soil that is known to have a high clay content, add sand and other organic material to your soil mixture to soften it up.

2. Root structure survival: With poor soil preparation, root systems suffer and fail to steady themselves. They can fall victim to becoming pot bound or not being able to enter dormancy  because the root system has not grown because of poor soil preperation.

3. Dormancy: A plant’s dormancy can be affected if the root structure is not strong. Therefore, the overall health is poor and the root structure cannot stabilize. Entering dormancy too early or too late can harm further development of plant.

4.Watering plan: Even with addition of a watering plan, you must be cautious with how much water you add to your plants. Yes, you can overwater plants, but you can also underwater. Either one can harm the recently added plant life in your landscape. There are ways to determine how much water to add to your new landscape instead of just guessing.

When considering adding plants to your landscape, call our design team at Land Patterns today at 214-219-3993 or visit our website.




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