Passion provides Perspective for Land Patterns owner

When you find a hobby you enjoy, it has become more than a hobby. It has become a passion. When this happens, this newly found passion can have a lasting impact on your life and the lives of those around you.

Marc Funderburk, president and founder of Land Patterns Inc., gets great pleasure from the environment in which he is surrounded by throughout his work week.

“Digging in the dirt, turning the dirt and improving the soil is very therapeutic and rewarding to me,” Funderburk says. “I enjoy getting hot and sweaty. It means there’s physical exertion and that feels good.”

Funderburk has an appreciation and perspective for the work he asks of his employees. Perspective allows for him to see and feel what his crews must do to produce a high value landscape.

“When I do the work myself I know what they go through on a daily basis and the amount of effort they have to put forward to produce a quality landscape,” he says.

With a work schedule which includes driving around the Metroplex to meet prospects, clients, discussing projects with subcontractors and his work crews, Funderburk seeking respite in his own landscape could seem redundant.

When you find something you truly enjoy, you must invest your time, money, and life into it and it can become a way of life.

“I enjoy working with plants and animals and seeing things coming together,” Funderburk says. “It’s really just getting in tune with nature.”

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