Sweet Serenity

Reader’s note: Land Patterns president and owner Marc Funderburk shares his experiences with Sweet Olive.

One of my all-time favorite plants is Sweet Olive (Osmanthus Fragrans).   It is, in my opinion, our most fragrant plant and blooms in the spring and the fall and usually more than once.  They were all over the LSU campus when I went to graduate school and there was a beautiful specimen just outside of our design lab.  No matter how stressed I may have been, if it was in bloom, I was in heaven.  It is an evergreen large shrub and/or small tree and does well in our area.  I’ve had one in my garden since the early 1990’s and have had little to no problems with the plant.  It is just now starting it’s fall bloom and when the wind is just right it transports me back to the LSU campus and my days as a graduate student.  If you’re looking for a plant that will draw you outside and make you happy, look no further than a Sweet Olive.

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