The Benefits of a Landscape Plan

A landscape plan is similar to a map during a vacation. It provides direction to reach the destination.

When planning for a construction project, the landscape plan is an important tool in the project glove box of the landscape architect as it provides direction throughout the project. There can unexpected stops along the way, but a concise plan with a clear direction provides a way to reach the destination.

Here are three attributes of a successful landscape plan:

  1. Build a Relationship: A vacation is planned after consultations with a travel agent. After a budget is set, bags are packed and an estimated time of arrival to the destination is determined and the trip begins. The same is true of landscape plan. A landscape architect can create a landscape plan that is built on the foundation of client discussions, project estimates and production costs after consulting with a client and learning of their needs.
  2. Knowledge of the Industry: A travel agent provides their client with information about affordable hotels, resorts, restaurants and entertainment around their destination. Landscape architects inform clients of which areas will be worked on, and the materials needed to complete the project. These details are provided via a project estimate which provides a look at the cost of the materials and hours needed to complete the project.
  3. Valued Experience: The preparation, execution and affordability of a vacation plan provides few roadblocks for the client thanks to the planning of a travel agent. Thanks to their agent’s attention to detail, the client can enjoy vacation and create new memories. The same can be said of a landscape plan prepared by a talented landscape architect. A well thought out, prepared and executed landscape plan creates an outdoor living environment where a client can make memories that will last a lifetime.

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