Worth Every Penny

Poor sod, broken concrete, and an unstable fence left Mitch McBee at the conclusion that he had to contact a landscaping professional. He was unsure who to turn to.

“I hadn’t done it before and I didn’t know what I should be bringing to the table,” Mitch McBee said.

He contacted LandPatterns in February and was consulted by LandPatterns president and founder Marc Funderburk.


“I gave Marc the general concepts I had in mind,” he said. “I wasn’t sure how much input I needed to provide.”

Funderburk created a design plan that remained within the project’s budget.

“We advised him that some of things he wanted were not ideal for the location,” Marc Funderburk said.


Keeping a home owner aware of what the project’s progress is vital in case any issues arise and changes need to be made.

“To not have to worry about any of the details and to take advantage of the team’s expertise and their relationships with other contractors made things go smoothly,” McBee said.

Project foreman Juan Gonzales impressed Funderburk with his ability to communicate with McBee in the field.

“Juan accounted for the crew and himself when explaining to the owner what we were doing and why we were doing it,” Funderburk said.


Excellence is a characteristic which Funderburk strives for at LandPatterns. He is not alone in this pursuit.

“As a team we strive for excellence,” he said. “A quality project is produced by a team effort.”

At first unaware of how the industry operated, McBee is impressed with the results of his first landscape project and considers LandPatterns for his future landscape projects.

“With how the yard looks now there were good decisions on plant selection and layout,” he said. “They took it down to the dirt and rebuilt a backyard.”

If you are looking to improve your residential landscape today, call LandPatterns  at 214-219-3993.

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